About us

Quorum is the work of a multi disciplinary team hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life

We share a passion in answering questions with facts. Our core values are listening to people, asking the right questions and working as a team to find the best solutions every time

Our team

Giovanni Diamanti

Managing partner

(Vicenza 1989) | Giovanni has studied Sociology at the University of Padova. He worked at many electoral campaigns as strategist and communication consultant. He also worked with Demos & Pi and writed on digests like «Aspenia» and «Limes». He is member of the Italian Political and Public Affairs Consultants Association (AICOP) and works as communication trainer for Hr Unicredit.

Founder, administrator and manager in Political Marketing at Quorum

Davide Policastro

Managing partner

(Bologna 1983) | Davide has a degree in History. He worked as programmer at ICT Make-It and with the cooperative in economic and social research RES Coop.

He curated the «Termometro Politico» blog and its online community.

Founder, administrator and manager in Quantitative Research at Quorum

Lorenzo Pregliasco

Managing partner

(Turin 1987) | Lorenzo is graduated in Linguistics at the University of Turin. He took part in the Entrepreneurship Programme at the CRT Foundation and the University of Bath. From 2009 to 2011 he worked on electoral, social and economic surveys for «Termometro Politico». As a journalist, he wrote on «Aspenia» and «La Stampa», and he’s a regular guest at the TV program «Omnibus». He is teacher in Qualitative Analysis of Communication at the University of Turin and in Electoral Strategies, Campaignin and Political Consultancy at the University of Bologna.

Founder, administrator and manager in Qualitative Research at Quorum

Matteo Cavallaro


(Turin 1986) | Matteo graduated in Political and Economic Geography in Turin and worked with the italian mission at the UN in Vienna. He also worked at the project OPAL – Observatory of Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty.

He has a master degree in European Affairs at Sciences Po, in Paris, and he’s been working on his doctorate study in Political Economy at Paris XIII University. He is currently lecturer in Economics at Sciences Po Toulouse.

Founder and partner for Social Analysis and Quantitative Research at Quorum

Roberto Greco


(Lecce 1984) | Roberto has a degree in Economics at the University of Salento with a thesis on Business Strategic Assessment. He curated the polls section of the «Termometro Politico» website from 2009 to 2011.

Founder and partner for managing and commercial account at Quorum

Salvatore Borghese


(Naples 1987) | He is graduated in Science of Government and Public Communication at the LUISS University of Rome. Specialized in electoral analysis and simulations. He studied journalism in London and writed on several newspapers and news agencies.

Co-founder of Quorum and editor at YouTrend since 2011. He followed several electoral campaigns and worked with the Italian Center for Electoral Studies (CISE). Occasionally guest at the TV program «Omnibus».

Martina Carone

Social media

(Rome 1989) | Martina has a degree in Science of Government and Public Communication at the LUISS University of Rome. She is a digital strategist and press agent. Social media manager at Election Days™.

Leonardo Nicolai

aka Dodo

(Vicenza 1991) | Student in Psychology at the University of Padova. Head of marketing at the Roccolo Eventi association, he curated graphics and strategy in many local campaigns in Veneto region.

He worked with the communication agency «Regina Rossa» and earned the official certification Adobe Illustrator Advanced in London.