About us

Quorum is the work of a multi disciplinary team hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life

We share a passion in answering questions with facts. Our core values are listening to people, asking the right questions and working as a team to find the best solutions every time

Our team

Giovanni Diamanti

Managing partner

(Vicenza, 1989) | Studies Sociology at the University of Padova. Has designed communication strategies for leaders such as Beppe Sala, Vincenzo De Luca, Nicola Zingaretti, Dario Nardella, Peppe Provenzano. In 2022 and 2023 he has contributed in the winning campaigns of Damiano Tommasi for Verona and of Giacomo Possamai for Vicenza. In 2012 he’s been canvasser voluntary at «Obama for America» committee in Philadelphia.

Columnist at the newspaper «Il Gazzettino», he wrote Spin Factor – 10 storie di successo  (Edizioni Europa Quotidiano, 2013), «Una nuova Italia: Dalla comunicazione ai risultati, un’analisi delle elezioni del 4 marzo» (Castelvecchi, 2018) and «Fenomeno Salvini. Chi è, come comunica, perché lo votano» (Castelvecchi, 2019). He is author and host in the program «Campagna Permanente» (Permanent Campaign) with Massimiliano Coccia and Martina Carone on Radio Radicale.

Frequently host at Rai News 24, he wrote articles of political analysis for newspapers and magazines such as «La Stampa», «L’Espresso», «Limes». Teacher in Political Storytelling at the Scuola Holden in Turin, he is in the board of the Italia Association of Political Communication.

He is a managing partner of Quorum and head of political marketing.

Davide Policastro

Managing partner

(Bologna, 1983) | Three years of studies in Computer Engineering, a master degree in History at the University of Bologna, currently living in Milan. Founder of Quorum and its online magazine YouTrend, in which he is data area manager.

Lorenzo Pregliasco

Managing partner

He graduated from the University of Turin, where he defended a dissertation on cognitive mechanisms in Barack Obama’s political discourse.

Journalist, political analyst and expert in political communication, he contributes to newspapers and magazines such as «L’Espresso», «Aspenia», «La Stampa», «Politico Europe», «il Sole 24 Ore».

He is a regular host of TV shows in Italy (Sky, Rai, La7) and his analyses appear regularly in international media such as Reuters BBC, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Euronews, Bloomberg.

Member of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, he is founding partner of Quorum – a data-driven communication strategy agency – and chief editor of YouTrend, a data analysis digital magazine.

Adjunct Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna, he also teaches at the Scuola Holden in Turin and at the 24Ore Business School. In 2017 he organized the first Executive Education programme in Political Communication and Campaigning at King’s College London.

Author of «Il crollo» (Editori Riuniti, 2013), «Una nuova Italia. Dalla comunicazione ai risultati, un’analisi delle elezioni del 4 marzo» (Castelvecchi, 2018) and «Fenomeno Salvini. Chi è, come comunica, perché lo votano» (Castelvecchi, 2019).

Matteo Cavallaro


(Turin, 1986) | PhD in Economy and Sociology, currently researcher in Political Economy at the Institute for a New Economic Thinking and the University of Technology of Compiègne. He wrote articles for European Union Politics, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Contemporary Italian Politicsand two books: «Una nuova Italia. Dalla comunicazione ai risultati un’analisi delle elezioni del 4 marzo» (with L. Pregliasco and G. Diamanti) and «La partecipazione associativa giovanile in Francia e in Italia » (with M. Zanetti and M. Renault-Tinacci).

He is a partner of Quorum for the social analysis and the quantitative research.

Languages spoken: english, french.

Roberto Greco


(Lecce, 1984) | Roberto has a degree in Economics at the University of Salento with a thesis on Business Strategic Assessment. He has been head of the poll section of the «Termometro Politico» website from 2009 to 2011.

Founder and partner for managing and commercial account at Quorum

Languages spoken: english, spanish.

Martina Carone

Organizer & Project Manager

(Rome, 1989) | Master degree in Science of Government and Public Communication at the LUISS University of Rome. Since 2013 she works as social media manager, copywriter and communication consultant for firms, parties and candidates.

Since 2015 she works with Quorum in electoral campaigns (Beppe Sala, Sergio Giordani) and she is in charge for the projects about political communication and marketing (including: Nicola Zingaretti at the 2019 PD Primaries and then the PD itself, Pierfrancesco Majorino and Elisabetta Gualmini at the 2019 European Elections) since 2018.

Member of AssoCompol, teacher in Political Copywriting at Pennamontata, she has a blog on Linkiesta and works at the Radio Radicale program «Campagna Permanente» with Massimiliano Coccia and Giovanni Diamanti. She is frequently host at the TV program «Studio24» on Rai News channel.

She is the organizer of the Vicenza office of Quorum/YouTrend and project manager for the public communication and the political marketing activities.

Dario Romano

Organizer & Project Manager

(Este, 1986)| Master degree in International Economics and Business at the Marche Polytechnic University. He worked at the European Parliament in 2008-2009 and then, in 2011, he returned to Bruxelles for an internship in the Regional Representation. City council member of Senigallia (AN) since 2010, he’s been President of the Council between 2015 and 2020. In 2016-2017 he’s been appointed as one of the best under 35 administrators in Italy, joining the ANCI School for Young Administrators.

In 2021 he joins the Quorum team in Turin, as organizer and project manager. He is the new editorial supervisor of YouTrend and head of public affairs sector of Quorum.

Salvatore Borghese


(Napoli, 1987) |Master degree in Science of Government and Public Communication at the LUISS University of Rome with a thesis on the political strategy of Matteo Renzi. He is a political analyst, specialized in electoral analysis and simulations. He’s among the creators of the «Dossier Rosatellum» focused on the new italian electoral system. He studied journalism in London and has written on several newspapers and magazine – online and offline.

In 2011 he was one of the founders of Quorum, and until 2018 he’s been content manager of YouTrend. He worked with several electoral campaigns on the field and he also worked with the CISE (Italian Center for Electoral Studies). Occasionally, he’s host in TV programs on La7 («Omnibus»), Sky TG24 and RaiNews channels, and on radio («Radio InBlu», «Radio Radicale»). In Quorum he works on qualitative analysis and on report writings. He’s the author of the weekly polls analysis of the polls Supermedia for the «Agi – Agenzia Italia» press agency.

Sara Borraccino


(Taranto, 1987) | Master degree in Sciences of Information at the Sapienza University in Rome with a thesis in Political Journalism (“The role of the religious minorities into the RAI”) and diploma in Political-economic Journalism and Multimedia Information at the Business School 24.

She made an internship at the European Parliament as communication assistant, supporting the activity of the Human rights and Gender Equality sub committees. She works with communication strategies, events planning, copywriting and social media for various firms and cultural associations.

In 2019 she joins Quorum as social media manager.

Leonardo Buccione


(Chieti, 1989) | Master degree in Social and Communication Psychology at the University of Padua, with a thesis on the key factors of the political engagement. He did research in several fields (labour organizations, parliamentary discussions and communitarian participation) working on analysis concerning political discourses, press and debates.

After a diploma in Political Consultancy and Electoral Marketing, he worked with a Deputy (MP) of the Italian Republic, and he’s been social media strategist and fund raiser for several no-profit organizations, where he was appointed of keeping good relations with the donors, scheduling and organizing the volunteers’ work and creating events and campaigns of fund raising.

He’s been working with Quorum/YouTrend since 2018. He works on political, institutional and commercial communication projects. He plans and manages digital strategies, web advertising campaigns and social analysis.

Francesco Cianfanelli


(Firenze, 1988) | Journalist, graduated in Politics Science at the University of Florence with a thesis on the use of metaphors in Barack Obama’s speeches, and he postgraduated at the London School of Journalism. From 2016 to 2018 he’s been assistant for a Deputy of the Republic (MP). Then he has worked as press officer, copywriter and head of communication for diverse firms and political projects.

Since 2018 he writes on YouTrend and shortly after he started his collaboration with Quorum as a consultant in communication, working on strategies, messages and social media.

Giorgia Fioretti


(Rome, 1994) | She has a Master Degree in Science of Government and Political communication at LUISS University of Rome. Since 2020, she works as a communication consultant.

She made an early experience working in the Senate and with the department for the relations with Parliament of the Head of Government. In 2022 she joins Quorum as a political consultant, working on several electoral campaigns and other relevant communication projects.

Giovanni Forti


(Roma, 1994) | Graduated in Politics Science, currently student of Economics at the University of Pisa and at the Sant’Anna School. In 2016 he worked on a blog about the local elections in the City of Rome and worked with the V-Dem Institute in a project of categorization of the political institutions in Italy and in the Vatican. On March 4th 2018, he joined the List’s electoral marathon as analyst.

Since 2018 he works with YouTrend, mostly on the quantitative side of the site’s and its social channels’ contents. On 2019 European Election he worked at the Real Time Forecasting System by Quorum/YouTrend.

Francesco Intini


(Taranto, 1996) | Master’s degree in Mass media and Politics at the University of Bologna, he has a specialization in Communication and Political and Institutional Marketing.

He is tutor at the 1st level university master’s degree in Social media, public opinion and electoral political marketing, at the University of Padua. Also, he is a political columnist for the “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno” newspaper.

 In 2021 he joined the Quorum/YouTrend team and works on political and electoral communication strategies since then.

Leonardo Nicolai

Art Director

(Vicenza, 1991) | Student of “Cognitive and Psycho-biologic Psychology Science” at the University of Padua. He is a freelance graphic designer and an event organizer in Vicenza. He worked on the field at the campaigns of Beppe Sala (Milan, 2016) and Sergio Giordani (Padua, 2017), as well as for several Members of Parliament, council members, candidates and political parties all across the nation. He was officially certified as Adobe Illustrator Advanced in London.

He’s the Art Director of Quorum, that he joined in 2015.

Giovanni Pigatto


(Marostica, 1990) | Graduated in Philology and Literature Critics at the University of Trento, he’s been assistent of a Senator during the XVII Legislature. In 2018 he joins Quorum, in which he works as copywriter and social media strategist.

He has a passion for history and for Africa: he’s author and editor of Ab origine, an audio podcast published on the website of the Africa magazine.

Alessio Vernetti


(Chieri, 1997) | Currently studies Science of Government at the University of Turin. During his bachelor degree studies in International Relations he spent a semester at Sciences Po Lille and he attended the Summer Program at the LUISS University in Rome.

Joined the Quorum team in March 2019, working on the editorial content – and in particular on the analysis of the socio-political trends, both italian and international – and on the social media channels of YouTrend. He also supports the research projects made by Quorum in the legislative sector.